Common Assault

Facing common assault charges can be a frustrating and confusing time for you. You may be at a loss about what your charges mean and how you should proceed. Do not worry. The criminal defence solicitors at JD Solicitors are prepared to help you.

If you are facing common assault charges then reach out to JD Solicitors right away for expert legal advice and to ensure the right professionals are handling your case.

Here you’ll learn what common assault is exactly and how to get in touch with our legal team so we can work together to build a strong defence. 

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What is Common Assault?

There are two possible acts that come with common assault. There may be assault by beating which usually entails physical assault, or the threat of an assault which is referred to as basic assault without beating. 

If suspected of common assault, the precise factual circumstances will come into play. Simple assault can be committed without making any contact. If there is any sort of contact made with the other party then this is considered a beating. Punching, shoving, and spitting can all be classified as a type of assault.

Common Assault
Common Assault Sentences

What are the Penalties for Common Assault Charges UK?

The penalties you may be faced with all depend upon the severity of the defence. For instance, it will matter if the assault is repeated with the same person and the level and type of injuries sustained. 

The charges may or may not include the following penalties:

  • A High Level Community Order 
  • An absolute of conditional discharge
  • A fine
  • 26 weeks’ imprisonment

Advice for Anyone Arrested for Common Assault

You may be wondering if you should plead guilty if you’re charged with common assault. Even if you’re considering a guilty plea, it’s best to consult with JD Solicitors first. There may be other factors in play that the court will take into account. 

We can advise you on what evidence and reports to obtain to support your character and help you write an apology letter, if necessary. Most importantly, know that you have rights, which include:

  1. The right to have a solicitor present.
  2. The right not to answer any questions from the police, as this can be held against you later in court.
  3. Always have a solicitor present before you answer any questions for the police.
  4. The police must explain the offence you’re being charged with at the time of your arrest.

Get in Touch with JD Solicitors to Build A Strong Defence

It’s in your best interest to contact our defence lawyers at JD Solicitors immediately if you’ve been arrested for common assault. Together, we’ll work to build a strong defence and get you the results that are most favourable to you.

Our team of experts at JD Solicitors is professional and knowledgeable, as well as very experienced in criminal law. We’ll be with you every step of the way before, during, and after your common assault charge and case. 

Contact us today so we can work to inform and protect you and ensure you understand your rights and how to move forward. 

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