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If you or your business is suspected of financial crime, serious fraud or white collar offences, you need specialist legal representation with expert knowledge of financial law. Our specialist practice of financial lawyers will ensure that you receive the advice you need, especially when the consequences to allegations of serious fraud and financial crimes can be so severe. 

Here at JD Solicitors we understand that an investigation into financial crime can be a distressing experience and that it is extremely important to seek legal representation as soon as possible, to protect you, your reputation and rights.

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We regularly defend investigations and prosecutions brought by agencies such as:

Why use a specialist financial law firm?

When dealing with financial offences, you need to know that the lawyers working on your case not only have knowledge of the criminal justice system, but also dealing with the authorities and the demands they may make. For example, you may need specialist advice on restraint of assets and potential confiscation proceedings which can be very damaging both personally and to businesses.

JD Solicitors have the experience to defend directors, professionals, senior management and individuals in large high profile cases. Discretion is of the utmost importance in sensitive issues of complex cases and we work proactively to minimise the allegation as well as adverse publicity that may arise from allegations of financial misconduct.

How can we help in financial cases?

  • High success rate in defending serious financial cases in lengthy investigations and trials
  • Navigating regulatory issues faced by individuals facing criminal allegations of financial crime
  • Domestic cases as well as serious and complex multi-national matters spanning multiple jurisdictions
  • Assisting when individuals are arrested and interviewed under caution
  • Assisting with raids and seizures of assets and property
  • Advising suspects and defendants as well as witnesses who may find themselves exposed as a result of investigations
Fraud legal defence

Financial Crime FAQs

Serious fraud is generally defined as high-level serious or complex fraud. This can include investment fraud, such as Ponzi schemes or boiler room fraud as well as corporate fraud, which can involve illegal asset stripping and fraudulent trading. The Serious Fraud Office is generally responsible for investigating such crimes.

How serious the fraud accusation is, will depend on the nature and extent of the fraud that has been committed, and your role within it. According to the Fraud Act 2006, there are three classes of fraud: .  Fraud by abuse of position.  Depending on the nature of the crime committed and the harm that was either caused or intended, then you can face a substantial fine and/or a prison sentence.

Sentencing for serious fraud is complex and depends on the crime that has been committed, a person’s role in that crime and the level of harm that has been committed or intended. Generally, the maximum sentence for fraud is ten years in prison and a substantial fine. It is also possible, depending on the type of fraud, that a confiscation order will be made. This may mean that any proceeds made from the crime may be confiscated and may be used to compensate victims.  When sentencing, a judge will decide, based on the evidence and the particulars of the case, what the sentence will be. It will normally be possible to get a reduced sentence for a guilty plea.

Whilst the figures listed above are maximum sentences, dependent on the severity of the crime committed, we often avoid these in favour of smaller penalties, working with our clients and prosecuting authorities to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

The business crime definition, according to National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC), is:.  “Any criminal offence that is committed against a person or property that is associated with the connection of that person or property to a business. Based on the perception of the victim.”.

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