Legal Aid

We provide a facility to gain legal aid for cases at the Magistrates Court and Crown Court if you meet the two tests required by the legal aid agency which briefly comprises of the interests of justice test and means test. This is outlined further in the Legal aid section.

Please note the exception to legal aid is that everyone qualifies for legal aid at the police station, regardless of their means. Representation at the Police station is completely free.

Let Us Represent You

Here at JD Solicitors, we can provide legal aid services for your case if you are eligible. Please fill out the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

Private Fees

We also have the facility to charge on a private basis as outlined in our private fee section. We believe we provide a competitive and transparent price with no compromise on the quality of representation. We will openly discuss the experience of our advocates and how they can assist in preparing your case.

The firm has been operational since 2005 and we have provided representation in every type of criminal case. We have the professionalism and experience to help.

Court Appointment

Court Appointment is available only for those who do not qualify for legal aid and cannot or will not pay for representation. In these circumstances if the court believe that the defendant should be prohibited from cross-examining the complainant, the court can appoint an advocate to cross-examine witnesses. The advocate would then be funded through central funds.