Possession With Intent To Supply

To be convicted for possession with intent to supply, the Prosecution must show that you were in possession of controlled drugs and that your intention was to sell, give or otherwise provide these drugs to another person. 

Indeed, many drugs are controlled under UK law. Indeed the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and the Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2001 prohibit the use, supply, and production of a great many drugs. These controlled drugs are generally split into three categories; Class A, Class B, and Class C drugs which you can find out more about here

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How will the Prosecution attempt to prove an individual is guilty of an intent to supply offence?

You may not think that offering a cannabis cigarette to a friend would count as intent to supply, but it does. This is because the term intent is the most important when it comes to this offence. 

It means that no money has to have changed hands to be charged with this offence. Additionally, the Prosecution will not even have to prove that you gave a controlled drug to someone else, just that you intended to. 

The Prosecution will use a variety of evidence to secure a conviction for possession with intent to supply offences. You can expect your home, car and other property to be searched for this evidence including things like: 

  • Cutting agents 
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Mobile phone and text messages relating to the offence
  • Witness or CCTV evidence 
  • Evidence of an extravagant lifestyle and a large amount of cash
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Sentencing guidelines for possession with intent to supply

There are a range of considerations that go into the sentencing for possession with intent to supply offences. For example, whether this is your first offence or not, or whether you are high up the supply chain will likely impact your sentence. Additionally, the value and volume of the drugs you are caught with will also be taken into consideration. 

Class of controlled substance 

Maximum prison sentence Crown Court 

Maximum prison sentence Magistrates court 

Class A drugs 


6 months 

Class B drugs 

14 years 

6 months 

Class C drugs 

14 years 

3 months 

Those found guilty of possession with intent to supply offences can also expect to be served under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. This means any assests gained from the criminal conduct will be confiscated. 

Work with J D Solicitors to maximise the chance of a positive outcome in your possession with the intent to supply, case.

If you have been charged with possession with the intent to supply offence you may be feeling worried and stressed. However, working with a lawyer who regularly defends these cases can help you maximise the outcome of your case. 

Our expert legal team will be there for you at every stage of the proceedings including being on call for emergencies 247/365 to come and provide counsel at the police station, as well as your court appearances. 

Also, when charged with a possession with the intent to supply offence acting fast can help ensure the most positive outcome for your case. After all, anything you say or do while under caution can be used against you in a court of law. 

To that end, if you need assistance with possession with the intent to supply charge or any other criminal matter contact our dedicated and tireless criminal law experts today

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