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What is Perjury

In the UK perjury is a very serious crime. The reason for this is that it disrespects the court system on which justice is maintained, and wastes valuable police time.

What many people do not realise is that the offence of perjury is concerned with the act of agreeing and planning to lie in a court of law. This means whether you truly do end up lying in court, or just plan to, you can still be charged. 

What Does Perjury Mean?

Perjury is a legal term that refers to an offence where the perpetrator plans with others to tell lies in a court of law, under oath. 

The offence of perjury is covered by the Perjury Act of 1911. To have committed perjury you must have planned with one or more persons to either: 

  • Swear false oath, 
  • Swear to tell the truth when aware that it’s not the truth, 
  • Conspire to pervert the course of justice
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Can You Go To Prison For Perjury?

Yes, it is entirely possible for someone found guilty of perjury to be given a prison term as punishment. The maximum custodial sentence is 7 years. 

There are also additional punishments that can be imposed on those found guilty of perjury, which include: 

  • Victims surcharges
  • Payment of costs applied for by the prosecutors
  • Ancillary orders

Victims Surcharges

To be subject to victim surcharges means if found guilty of perjury you may be asked to contribute to a victim support fund. This contribution tends to be for an amount of between £20 and £170 based on the type of conviction. 

Payment Of Costs Applied For By The Prosecutors

Another consequence of being found guilty of the offence of perjury is that you may be asked to pay some of the cost of your case to the prosecuting party. 

Ancillary Orders 

Lastly, if found guilty of a perjury offence you may also be subject to further restrictions known as ancillary orders. These can include things like confiscation, reparation, or restraint orders, as well as providing compensation for lost, or being put ‘on licence’. (Being put on a license means you are released from prison, but must conform to the requirements of the licence for the remaining duration of your sentence or risk being incarcerated again.)

Is There Anything That Can Help To Reduce The Sentence For Perjury?

Apart from working with a top legal team to ensure your sentence is as light as possible, some other factors are worth considering here. For example, factors concerning your life such as whether you are the primary carer for dependents, or have any serious mental health or medical conditions will be taken into consideration. 

Also very important in this area is your character including whether you have any previous convictions, whether you show any remorse for the offence, and whether you cooperated with the investigation. 

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