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At JD Solicitors, we have an experienced team of criminal defence lawyers working around the clock for our clients. We cover all aspects of criminal defence law, including domestic violence offences. Our team understands the severity of a charge like this and what it can mean for your livelihood. We make ourselves available 24/7/365 to handle every aspect of your defence, ensuring you get the best defence possible. 

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What is categorised as Domestic Violence?

The Domestic Abuse Act 2021 defines domestic violence/abuse as any of the following behaviours towards any individual you are personally connected to: 

  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Violent or threatening behaviour
  • Controlling or coercive behaviour
  • Economic abuse
  • Psychological or emotional abuse

It also states that abuse is only classified as domestic violence when both parties are aged 16 or over. If the individual receiving the abuse is younger than 16, it is legally classified as child abuse.

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Sentencing Guidelines

What are the Domestic Violence sentencing guidelines?

Because domestic violence offences include a multitude of charges, there are various sentences that may be administered by the court: 

  • Prison Sentences – These can be handed out when physical abuse or assault is present, along with sexual abuse cases. The severity of the sentence will depend on the seriousness of the abuse. 
  • Restraining Orders – In many domestic violence cases, the court may order a Restraining Order against you, limiting your contact with the other individual. 
  • Occupational Orders – This sentencing will order the abuser to leave the home if they share it with the victim. 
  • NMO (Non-Molestation Orders) – Courts order this sentence to stop domestic violence from happening again. It prevents the abuser from enacting any violent or threatening behaviour towards the victim. Failure to comply with this can lead to up to 5 years of imprisonment. 

What to do if you are arrested for Domestic Violence offences?

We strongly recommend that you know your rights and request the presence of a qualified criminal defence lawyer before answering any police questions in custody. Answering questions can lead you to say something that may be used against you in court, hurting your defence. 

Depending on the situation, the police offers may issue you a caution following an initial interview, meaning you are free to go. Alternatively, they will charge you with domestic violence offences and release you on bail. You will then have specific court dates you have to appear at. 

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If you have been arrested or charged with domestic violence, we strongly recommend contacting an experienced domestic violence lawyer right away. JD Solicitors is here to help and we can work with you to form a case for your defence. We’ll ensure all the facts are laid out to the court, so they can make the most informed decision possible. 

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