Voluntary Police Interviews

Being called in for a voluntary police interview can be daunting regardless of your experience with the Police, the law or the offence that you’re called in to discuss. 

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What is a voluntary police interview?

A voluntary police interview is also known as an interview under caution. It is not the same as being arrested for a crime but will take place at a police station, will be recorded, and anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. 

When asked to attend an interview under causation you can choose to leave at any time, or refuse to attend completely. However, this is not advisable because it may trigger your arrest. 

Just like in any other kind of police interview, you have the right to ask for a solicitor during an interview under caution. Once you have requested a solicitor the police cannot ask you any more questions until your legal repression is present.

What is a voluntary police interview?
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What is the police interview procedure for voluntary interviews?

There is a specific procedure that police officers have to follow when it comes to voluntary interviews. This includes being formally cautioned, as well as: 

  • That you have the right to legal representation 
  • Being informed that your interview will be recorded 
  • That you do not have to say anything 
  • That anything you do say can be used against you in a county of law 
  • That you can end the interview at any time 
  • Why you are being interviewed including the offense the police are investigating. 

Remember if the police do not caution you at the start of the interview, any evidence they gather during the interview may be inadmissible in court!

What happens after you are interviewed by the police?

Once your voluntary interview has concluded you will be presented with one of the following outcomes:

Being charged with a criminal offense

If you are charged with a criminal offense you will be formally arrested. You will need to go through processing which can include fingerprinting, providing a DNA sample, and having your photo taken. You may also be asked to give up certain items in your possession or partake in an ID process.  

Release under investigation 

Being released under investigation means that the police do not yet have enough evidence to charge you with a crime. However, it also means that they plan to continue their investigation so you can expect further contact from them including possibly being charged in the future. 

Free to go 

If you are told you are free to go after a voluntary police interview, it means no action is being taken at this time. 

If you are charged with an offense or released under investigation it makes sense to seek out legal representation that can support you through these processes. High-quality legal representation can help you minimise the consequences if you are convicted, and in some cases avoid them altogether. 

Indeed, even individuals that are pronounced free to go after their voluntary police interview can benefit from good legal representation from a solicitor. This is because the police are not required to inform you if they decide to take no action on a case, something that can cause huge amounts of undue stress and worry for the person concerned. Luckily a good solicitor will be able to liaise with the police and ensure you stay informed and updated about the state of the case.

Do you need a solicitor for a police interview?

Absolutely! Whenever talking to the police under caution you need to have a solicitor present. That is why if you have been invited to a voluntary police interview you should contact our expert criminal defense team, today.

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